Actually Used Foreign Investment in China Rises 22.3% YoY for January – August


China has seen a sizeable rise in actually used foreign investment funds since the start of 2021, as the economy continues to recover from the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic.

China’s actually used foreign investment amount for the period from January to August was 758.05 billion yuan, for a YoY rise of 22.3%, or 27.8% when converted into a sum of USD$113.78 billion.

Actually used foreign investment in the services sector was 599.33 billion yuan, for a YoY rise of 25.8%, while for the hi-tech sector the increase was 30.2%, including a rise of 35.2% for the hi-tech services sector and 14.9% for the hi-tech manufacturing sector.

In terms of sources, actually used investment from Belt and Road nations increased 37.6% YoY, while for ASEAN countries it was 36.8%.