Over 5.7 Trillion Yuan in Bonds Issued in August: PBOC


The latest data from the Chinese central bank indicates that more than 5.7 trillion yuan in bonds were issued in the month of August.

August saw the issuance of 5.71053 trillion yuan on the Chinese bond market, according to data released by the People’s Bank of China (PBOC) on 16 September.

This included:

  • 664.65 billion yuan in treasury bonds.
  • 879.73 billion yuan in local government bonds.
  • 883.54 billion yuan in financial bonds.
  • 1.34181 trillion yuan in corporate credit-category bonds.
  • 65.54 billion yuan in loan asset-backed securities.
  • 1.82776 trillion yuan in interbank certificates of deposit.

As of the end of August the bond market escrow balance was 126.7 trillion yuan, including a treasury bond escrow balance of 21.0 trillion yuan, a local government bond escrow balance of 28.3 trillion yuan, a financial bond escrow balance of 30.3 trillion yuan, and a corporate credit category bond escrow balance of 29.9 trillion yuan.

The loan ABS escrow balance was 2.4 trillion yuan, and the interbank CD escrow balance was 12.7 trillion yuan.

In August the interbank lending monthly weighted average interest rate was 2.08%, for an on-month decline of 0.4 percentage points, while the interbank pledged repo monthly weighted average interest rate was 2.08%, for an on-month rise of 1 percentage point.

August saw 20.1 trillion yuan in interbank bond market spot transactions, for a daily average of 911.71 billion yuan, for a YoY fall of 15.8%, and an on-month decline of 0.9%.