Cyberspace Administration of China Targets Illegal Algorithms


China is targeting the illegal use of algorithms as part of a broader crackdown on Internet platforms and big data usage.

On 29 September the Cyberspace Administration of China (CAC) led the issuance of the “Guidance Opinions on the Strengthening of Comprehensive Administration of Internet Information Service Algorithms” (于加强互联网信息服务算法综合治理的指导意见).

The Opinions call for “using a period of around three years to gradually establish a comprehensive administrative environment for algorithm security.”

This environment will consist of “sound governance mechanisms, an excellent regulatory system and standardised algorithm ecosystem.”

Other measures outlined by the Opinions include:

  • Effective monitoring of algorithm security risk
  • Undertaking daily monitoring work of the data usage, application scenarios and impact results of algorithms
  • Detecting information in relation to Internet broadcast trends, market rule changes and online behaviour as a result of algorithm applications
  • Early warnings of hidden dangers such as lack of standardisation and lack of fairness that could be created by algorithm applications
  • Actively undertaking algorithm security assessments
  • Establishing specialist technical assessment teams to engage in deep analysis
  • Establishment of an algorithm registration system
  • Refinement of algorithm categorisations.