Zhongyuan Bank Appoints Former Central Bank Official as Chairman


Henan-province commercial lender Zhongyuan Bank has appointed a veteran official from the Chinese central bank as its new chairman.

Zhongyuan Bank announced on 29 September that it had appointed Xu Nuojin (徐诺金) to the positions of chairman and head of the strategic development committee, effective from date of approval by Henan province banking regulators.

Xu Nuojin is a veteran of the People’s Bank of China (PBOC), having previously served as the party secretary and president of its branch in the Henan province capital of Zhengzhou, where Zhongyuan is headquartered.

Xu also served as the head of the Henan province branch of the State Administration of Foreign Exchange (SAFE).

The veteran central banker first joined PBOC in 1987, before subsequently working for its offices in Hainan and Guangzhou.

In April 2001 Xu was appointed party secretary and president of PBOC’s Wuzhou branch in Guangxi province, as well as head of the local branch of SAFE.

In July 2002 Xu was appointed head of the Dongguan branches of PBOC and SAFE, and in 2004 the deputy-president of PBOC’s Guangzhou branch.

In 2013 Xu was appointed deputy head of PBOC’s statistical department, and travelling inspector for the statistical department the following year.

Xu has since served as the head of both PBOC and SAFE’s Zhengzhou branches since August 2015.