JD.com’s Fintech Vehicle Highlights Provision of Digital Renminbi Services to Bank


A senior executive from the fintech and digital technology subsidiary of Chinese e-commerce giant JD.com has highlighted its provision of services to expedite the usage of the digital renminbi by banking sector financial institutions.

Li Bo (李波), vice-president at JDD, said that the company’s future focus would be to help banks to establish sustainable commercial models for use of the digital renminbi, with an especial focus on three areas:

  1. Technical services. JDD will “assist enterprises to integrate wth bank digital renminbi tech systems, and rapidly implement related digital renminbi operations.” JDD will also help enterprises to rapidly deploy digital smart operations based on JDD’s “accumulated experience in mobile development, cloud technology and the blockchain.”
  2. Business services. JDD will help enterprises to rapidly establish digital renminbi operations capability, including irregular operations handling, common problem QA and operations model recommendations.
  3. Operations services. JDD will “use its many years of operations experience to help banks to better undertake digital renminbi operations work, including new user expansion and activation of existing users.” jDD will also “coordinate with banks to provide users with a better digital renminbi experience.”

Li made the remarks on 24 September at the 10th China Payments and Settlement Forum (第十届中国支付清算论坛) in Beijing.

According to Li at present DD fully supports digital renminbi payments and settlements at over 10,000 of its self-service cash registers, and more than 70,000 of its desktop dual-screen machines