KPMG Signs Strategic Cooperative Framework Agreement with Dalian’s New Tech District


Multinational services firm KPMG is teaming up with the north-eastern city of Dalian to help drive the development of its new tech district.

KPMG China signed a strategic cooperative framework agreement with the Dalian Hi-tech Zone Committee in Shanghai on 11 October.

Under the agreement the two parties will seek to “establish a long-term strategic cooperative relationship, and give impetus to the sustainable and coordinated development of industries within the Dalian Hi-tech Zone.”

KPMG’s Wang Zhenhua (王镇华) said that under the agreement the two parties will make full use of enterprise and local government resources to invigorate the Dalian Hi-tech Zone.

The move comes following KPMG’s establishment of a “North-eastern Revitalisation Innovation Centre” (东北振兴创新中心), to focus on the provision of professional services to the three provinces of north-eastern China.