Shenzhen Launches First City-wide Digital Renminbi Lottery Giveaway, Hopes to Spur Cultural Consumption


The southern Chinese tech hub of Shenzhen has just launched its first lottery giveaway for the digital renminbi which covers the scope of the entire city.

The “Hui Wenhui, Hui Shenhua” (汇文化,惠深活) was officially launched on 22 October, and will see the issuance of up to 25 million yuan in digital renminbi rewards to residents of Shenzhen.

The rewards will come in the form of “red packets” (the traditional Chinese gift-giving package) in amounts of 66 yuan, 88 yuan, 168 yuan and 520 yuan.

The digital renminbi rewards can be used for “cultural consumption” at selected online and offline retailers, including book purchases, sight-seeing, theatrical performances and tourism. These retailers include nearly 200 book stores, 278 cinemas, 16 theatres, 7 galleries and 12 tourism sites.

Shenzhen authorities hope that the activity will serve to spur the local cultural consumption market, in addition to benefiting local residents and enterprises.