China Aims to Become Great Power for Digital Talent by 2035


The Chinese central government has unveiled ambitions to further drive the growth of its digital economy and related capabilities over the next two decades.

The Central Cyberspace Affairs Commission recently released its “Action Plan for Raising the Digital Cultivation and Capabilities of the Whole People” (提升全民数字素养与技能行动纲要).

The Plan calls for “marked increases in the digital adaption and creative capabilities of the entire population” by 2025, which will be characterised by a “digital resources supply capability with diversified channels, openness and sharing, high quality and inclusion.”

Beijing wants China to have also established the beginnings of a “lifelong digital learning system” by 2025, with gradual increases in the digital capabilities of special demographics such as the elderly and the disabled, and rapid narrowing of the digital divide.

By 2035, Plan envisages the transformation of China into a “great power for digital talent.”