MIIT Calls for Improvements to Top-level Planning of Big Data Industry Development in China


The Chinese central government has flagged greater guidance and oversight of the development of the country’s big data industries.

“[We] are striving to improve the top-level planning of big data industry development and strengthen innovation of technology and products,” said Xu Xiaolan (徐晓兰), deputy head of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT), on 25 November at the opening of the Shanghai Data Exchange in Pudong.

“We are engaging in in-depth trials of big data industries and optimising the industry development environment.”

Xu highlighted China’s current focus on the development of the market for data as a factor of production.

“Expediting the lawful and compliant circulation of data as a factor of production is a key focal point for stimulating the vitality of the market for data, as well as a necessary requirement for innovative socio-economic development.”