Meituan Uses Digital Renminbi to Drive Carbon Neutrality


Online shopping giant Meituan is using the digital renminbi to expedite green consumption and carbon neutrality as part of broader testing of the Chinese central bank digital currency.

Meituan announced on 15 December that it was further expanding its “Digital Renminbi Carbon Neutrality Trials,” which seek to drive low-carbon consumption via digital renminbi incentives.

Under the trials Meituan customers can obtain digital renminbi awards if they opt for green, low-carbon consumer options when ordering shopping deliveries, purchasing fresh produce or buying train tickets online.

The trials will be held in nine Chinese cities including Beijing, Shanghai, Hainan, Shenzhen, Suzhou, Changsha, Xi’an, Chengdu and Xiong’an New District.

Meituan first launched a “Digital Currency Low Carbon Riding Campaign” (数币低碳骑行活动) in September, which runs for three months and has seen nearly 2 million users download and open digital renminbi wallets.