China Will Continue to Expand High-level Economic Opening in 2022: Ex-Commerce Minister


China’s former commerce minister has highlighted its commitment to further opening of the national economy in 2022.

“Looking ahead to 2022, China will continue to implement its new development concepts and accelerate the establishment of new development conditions,” said Lou Jiwei (楼继伟) during a speech delivered at the “Global Wealth Management Forum” (全球财富管理论坛) held in Beijing from 15 – 16 January.

“China will expand high-level economic opening, drive systemic opening, implement equal treatment for foreign invested enterprises, attract more investment from multinational companies, and drive the accelerated implementation of major foreign-investment projects.

“We look forward to regulatory authorities and investment institutions establishing smooth and effective platforms for interaction, and continually raising the level of bidirectional financial opening via the joint efforts of all market participants.”