Chinese 5G Mobile Phone Shipments Surge 63.5% in 2021, Domestic Brands Dominate the Market


China saw a surge in shipments of 5G mobile phones in 2021, while domestic brands continued to increase their share of the Chinese market.

In 2021 the Chinese market saw a total of 351 million mobile phone shipments, for year-on-year (YoY) growth of 13.9%, according to a report on the domestic mobile phone market released by the China Academy of Information Communications Technology (CAICT) on 18 January.

5G mobile phone shipments totalled 266 million, for YoY growth of 63.5%, and accounted for 75.9% of all mobile phone shipments.

In December 2021 alone China saw 33.401 million mobile phone shipments, for YoY growth of 25.6%. This included 27.145 5G mobile phone shipments, for YoY growth of 49.2%, accounting for 81.3% of all shipments during that period.

Domestic brands saw 304 million mobile phone shipments in 2021, for YoY growth fo 12.6%, accounting for 86.6% of all shipments.