Chongqing Opens China’s First “Digital Economy HR Market”


The central Chinese city of Chongqing has opened what it says is China’s first “digital economy Human Resources market,” as part of efforts to drive the development of the regional digital economy.

Chongqing’s Human Resources and Social Security Department recently held an official ceremony for the launch of the Chongqing Digital Economy Human Resources Market (重庆数字经济人才市场). 

The Market opened with a total of 50 positions on offer, including 18 positions for jobs in relation to “digital factors of production,” 15 positions for digital product manufacturing, 10 positions for digital technology applications, and 7 for digitisation efficiency upgrades. 

Chongqing municipal authorities say the launch of the Market is part of efforts to “create a high-end digital economy human resources training base” by 2025, as well as a “national digital economy human resources exchange platform.”