China Development Bank Lends 875.9B Yuan to Support Yangtze River Delta in 2021


One of China’s leading policy banks directed copious amounts of credit to support the development of the Yangtze River Delta in 2021.

China Development Bank (CDB) provided 875.9 billion yuan (approx. USD$137.9 billion) in both foreign and domestic currency loans to 11 provinces and municipalities comprising the Yangtze River Delta economic zone in 2021.

This included 449.3 billion yuan in lending for environmental protection and green development projects.

According to CDB these projects saw the upgrade of 1542 kilometres of waterways, the restoration of 21,000 mu (0.165 acres) in lake ecosystems, and the relocation of 158 high-pollution enterprises.

They also introduced measures for the protection of 14,000 mu in wetland ecosystems, and the construction of 3476 kilometres of rural village water supply pipelines.

CDB said that it would continue to support environmental protection and green development projects in the Yangtze River Delta region throughout the course of the 14th Five Year Plan, in order to make a positive financial contribution to its high-quality development.