China Unveils List of State Blockchain Innovation Application Trials across 15 Cities


The Chinese central government has released a list of trial initiatives to help drive the application of blockchain innovations across a broad range of sectors.

On 30 January the Central Cyberspace Affairs Commission (CCAC) led the release of a list of state blockchain innovation application trials (国家区块链创新应用试点名单) in collaboration with 15 other government authorities.

The list includes a total of 15 “comprehensive trials,” as well as 165 “special sector trials.”

The 15 comprehensive trials will take place in cities including Beijing, Chongqing, Fuzou, Guangzhou, Baise, Guiyang, Xiong’an, Wuxi, Shanghai, Hangzhou, Haikou, Changsha, Ganzhou, Weifeng and Chengdu.

The 165 “special sector” trial applications will cover areas including:

  • Blockchain + manufacturing,
  • Blockchain + energy,
  • Blockchain + government services,
  • Blockchain + rule of law, blockchain + inspections,
  • Blockchain+ copyright, blockchain + civil society,
  • Blockchain + education,
  • Blockchain + trade finance,
  • Blockchain + risk control management,
  • Blockchain + equity markets, and
  • Blockchain + cross-border finance.