DiDi Chuxing Summoned for Disciplinary Regulatory Discussions by Henan Province Authorities


DiDi Chuxing is one of five Chinese ride-hailing platforms to be summoned by regulators in Henan province for disciplinary “regulatory discussions.”

Henan province authorities recently summoned DiDi, as well as Jiangnan Chuxing (江南出行), Quanmin Chuxing (全民出行), Pinke Chuxing (拼客出行) and Cuichi Chuxing (翠驰), for regulatory discussions, according to reports circulated by state-owned media on 16 February.

During the discussions Henan province authorities highlighted a range of problems, chief amongst them a lack of “scientific” dispatch mechanisms, leading to the sending of drivers who had worked overtime or were in states of exhaustion.

According to authorities this not only harms the lawful rights of passengers, it also “disrupts the fair and competitive market order and impacts the safety and stability of the sector.

Henan province regulators further pointed to other problems including lack of transparency in metering plans, dispatching non-compliant vehicles and drivers, and operation of illegal passenger routes.