Shanghai to Draft Laws for Artificial Intelligence Sector, Achieving International Financial Hub Status


The Shanghai municipal government has outlined plans to draft or amend laws covering a range of areas including finance and artificial intelligence in its legislative work plan for 2022.

The Shanghai municipal government issued its “Shanghai Municipal People’s Government 2022 Legislative Work Plan” (上海市人民政府2022年立法工作计划) on 16 February.

The plan contains a total of 33 official items covering areas including:

  • Regulations for the development of the artificial intelligence sector.
  • Regulations to drive the establishment of Shanghai as an international financial centre.
  • Regulation for expediting rural village revitalisation.
  • Regulations on pre-school education and childcare services.
  • Several provisions on expediting employment.
  • Regulations covering the protection of consumer rights and interests.
  • Regulations for residential home leasing.

Lu Weidong (陆卫东), the head of the Shanghai municipal government’s judicial department, said that a focal points for legislative work in 2022 would be the creation of a “first-class international commercial environment” in Shanghai, in order to drive its establishment as an international financial hub.