Alipay Disposes of over 10,000 Internet Fraud Accounts at Prompting of Chinese Authorities


Digital payments platform Alipay has announced the results of efforts to clean up the use of its services by online fraudsters as well as organised gambling outfits, following the launch of a targeted campaign by Chinese regulators.

Alipay announced on 19 April that it had recently disposed of over 10,000 Internet fraud accounts, as well as more than 80,000 gambling related accounts.

The payments giant also publicly announced measures it would adopt to deal with illicit behaviour including the leasing of personal accounts, organised online gambling, as well as cryptocurrency trading.

The announcement comes just after the releasee of the “Opinions on Strengthening Work to Strike against and Regulate Telecommunications and Internet Fraud Criminal Offences” (关于加强打击治理电信网络诈骗违法犯罪工作的意见) by the Chinese central government.