Bank of Communications Helps Hunan Province to Bring Digital Payments to Government Canteens


Big state-owned lender Bank of Communications (BOCOM) has helped the Hunan province government to introduce the use of the digital renminbi to its canteens.

The Hunan Province Grain and Resources Storage Department recently launched use of the digital renminbi at its “smart canteen” in the provincial capital of Changsha.

More than 230 government workers have already obtained digital renminbi wallets for use at the canteen, which is reportedly the first of its type to be opened by the Hunan province government.

The digital renminbi facilities at the canteen make use of technology developed by BOCOM, who were also responsible for systems upgrade and testing.

BOCOM said that it will help the Hunan province government to open more smart canteens, as well as apply the use of digital renminbi to government services.