Chinese Economics Czar Liu He Flags Support for Growth of Tech Platforms and Private Economy


One of China’s leading economic policymakers has signalled ongoing support for the country’s tech platforms and private businesses.

Vice-premier Liu He (刘鹤) said that the Chinese government would support the “continued healthy development of the platform economy and the private economy,” at a specialist conference convened on 17 May by the National Committee of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC).

Liu called for “effectively handling the relationship between government and the market and supporting digital enterprises to list on both domestic and foreign capital market,” as well as “using openness to drive competition, and competition to drive innovation.”

“The global digital economy is currently displaying the new traits of smart transformation, quantum transformation, and cross-border integration,” said Liu.

“We must strive to adapt to the comprehensive changes brought by the digital economy, and effectively wage a tough battle for key and core technologies.”