China’s Top 100 Lenders Account for 90% of Banking Sector Assets


The China Banking Association (CBA) has just released its latest list of the top 100 commercial banks in China.

2022 China Banking Sector Top 100 (2022年中国银行业100强榜单) included all six of the country’s big state-owned lenders, as well as 12 joint-stock banks, 60 municipal commercial banks, 21 rural commercial banks, and one privately operated bank.

In 2021 banks on the list accounted for 89.67% of all commercial bank assets in China, and were also responsible for 96.84% of net profits.

As of the end of 2021 the tier-1 core capital of banks on the list totalled 18.301416 trillion yuan, for a YoY rise of 9.57%, and an acceleration of 1.55 percentage points.

The tier-1 core capital ratio for banks on the list was 10.78%, for an increase of 0.06% compared to the end of 2020.

The top ten banks on the list for 2022 were:

Ranking:NameNet tier-1 capital (trillion yuan)Assets (trillion yuan)Net profits (billion yuan)Cost-income ratio (%)Non-perfomring loan ratio (%)
1ICBC2.886378 35.171383350.21623.971.42
2China Construction Bank2.47546230.253979303.92827.431.42
3Agricultural Bank of China2.0424829.069155241.93630.461.43
4Bank of China 1.84388626.722408227.33928.171.33
5Bank of Communications0.78387711.66575788.93929.001.48
6China Merchants Bank 0.7043379.249021120.83433.120.91
7Postal Savings Bank of China 0.63502412.58787376.53259.010.82
8Industrial Bank Co. 0.5985568.60302483.81625.681.10
9Shanghai Pudong Development Bank0.5484868.13675753.76626.171.61
10China CITIC Bank0.5140788.04288456.37729.201.39