Chinese Central Bank Applies for Digital Renminbi ATM/CDM Patent


The People’s Bank of China (PBOC) has led a joint application for a patent on an automatic teller machine (ATM)/ cash deposit machine (CDM) for the digital renminbi.

PBOC’s Digital Currency Research Institute, Shenzhen Yihua Computer Tech Co., Ltd. (深圳怡化电脑科技有限公司), Shenzhen Yihua Computer Share Co., Ltd. (深圳怡化电脑股份有限公司) and Shenzhen Yihua Shidai Tech Co., Ltd. (深圳市怡化时代科技有限公司) submitted a joint application for a patent on a “digital renminbi ATM/CDM” (一种数字货币存取款机) earlier in the year.

According to the patent summary the technology consists of a “digital renminbi ATM/CDM, including protective casing, and deposit and withdrawal equipment installed within the protective casing.”

The list of inventors for the technology includes Mu Changchun (穆长春), the head of PBOC’s Digital Currency Research Institute.

The patent was first submitted on 23 February, and made public by Chinese authorities via an official announcement on 28 June.