China’s 5G Mobile Users Hit 428 Million


The number of 5G mobile users in China has recently crossed the 400 million threshold according to the latest official data.

As of the end of May China was host to around 428 million 5G mobile phone users, according to figures released by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT) on 12 July. 5G traffic currently accounts for 27.2% of all mobile traffic.

MIIT highlighted the application of 5G technology across a total of 40 major areas, with China currently host to over 200 smart mines, more than 1000 smart factories, over 180 smart power grids and 89 smart ports.

“We will coordinate with other authorities to fully deploy the 5G application ‘sailing plan’, steadily advance the development of 5G networks, and further shore up industrial foundations for the acceleration of the scale development of 5G applications,” said a MIIT official to state-owned media.