China Everbright Bank Explores Inclusion of Data Assets on Balance Sheets


A senior executive from one of China’s leading joint-stock lenders says it is considering the incorporation of data assets into its future operations.

Yang Bingbing (杨兵兵), vice-president of China Everbright Bank, said that the lender is well aware of the economic potential of data assets that arise as part of financial operations.

“Perhaps one day in the future, our bank will have various cards that are used to record the data assets of clients,” Yang said on 29 July at the 2022 Global Digital Economy Forum (2022全球数字经济大会). “This is an important scenario in future for our market for data as a factor of production.”

Yang said that over the past two years Everbright has explored use of “monetary measures” as data assets, as well as the incorporation of data assets into balance sheets based on their implementation value.