JD.com’s Fintech Vehicle Launches New Supply Chain Strategy Targeting Small Businesses


The fintech vehicle of Chinese e-commerce giant JD.com has launched a new supply chain strategy that targets micro-and-small businesses.

JDT unveiled its new supply chain fintech strategy on 21 September at the “2022 JD Supply Chain Fintech Summit” (2022京东供应链金融科技峰会) that was held in the Chinese capital of Beijing.

According to JDT, its new supply chain fintech strategy involves a “dual chain linked model” that combines smart data supply chains and supply chain finance, and will help core enterprises to achieve digital transformation via vertical and horizontal integration.

JDT said that model would see it team up with multiple parties in industry to create an open and coordinated supply chain finance ecosystem, in order to achieve “targeted irrigation” of micro, small and medium-sized enterprises.

“[We] will resolve the financing difficulties that have long existed for small and medium-sized enterprises in industry chains, and effectively drive the flourishing development of real economic sectors,” JDT said.