Market Entities in China See Net Increase of More than 100 Million over Past Decade


The number of registered market entities in China has nearly tripled over the past decade, according to the latest round of official data from the Chinese market regulator.

As of the end of August China was host to approximately 163 million registered market entities, according to data from the State Administration of Market Regulation (SAMR).

The figure marks a cumulative increase of more than 100 million compared to only 55 million registered market entities in 2012, as well as annual average growth of 12%.

SAMR data indicates that the total number of registered enterprises in China increased by 13 million to more than 51 million over the decade-long period, close to the sum of all enterprises in the US and the EU.

The number of individual industrial and commercial registrants increased from 40.6 million to around 109 million, while the number of specialised farmers’ cooperatives increased by more than two-fold, from less than 700,000 to approximately 2.225 million.

Over the past ten years, foreign-invested enterprises in China have increased from around 441,000 to approximately 668,000, for an increase of more than 50%.