China to Open 2023 with Launch of Digital Assets Exchange


China is scheduled to launch its first nationwide digital assets exchange to ring in the start of 2023.

The China Digital Assets Trading Platform (中国数字资产交易平台) is scheduled to open on 1 January 2023 in Beijing, according to reports from state-owned media.

The Platform is billed as China’s first state-level digital assets secondary trading platform, and is jointly founded by the
China Technology Exchange, the China Cultural Relics Exchange Center and the China Edition Digital Copyright Service Center.

Chen Xiaohua (陈晓华), chief economist with the specialist blockchain committee of the China Mobile Communications Association, said the launch of the Platform marked the lawful recognition of trading of digital assets in China and the establishment of related regulations and standards.

“The secondary trading market for digital assets will welcome a phase of healthy and compliant sustainable development,” Chen said.

“The trading platform will focus on the national strategy of cultural digitisation in undertaking related operations, and be supported by the use of the blockchain and NFT as base-level technologies, for the innovative development of cultural undertakings and sectors.”

Cai Yintao (裁尹涛), CEO of China Edition Digital Copyright, said to state-owned media that the trading platform’s license is provided by the China Technology Exchange, and that assets traded are likely to include digital collectible items and digital copyrights.

China Technology Exchange is a trading institution for intellectual property rights that was jointly established by the Ministry of Science and Technology, the State Intellectual Property Office, the Chinese Academy of Sciences and the Beijing Municipal People’s Government.