Standard Chartered China Becomes First Foreign Bank to Engage in Chinese Treasury Futures Trading


Standard Chartered China has just become the first foreign-invested bank in China to engage in Chinese treasury bond futures trading.

On 4 January, Standard Chartered China announced that it had completed its first treasury bond futures transaction via an account opened with a domestic futures company.

“Standard Chartered China [has] thus become the first foreign bank to participate in the trading of treasury bond futures in China,” the bank said in an official statement.

“As a key growth driver of the global economy, China will provide continuous and vast investment opportunities for global investors,” said Benjamin Hung, Chief Executive Officer, Asia, Standard Chartered.

“With increasingly smoother channels for foreign investment into China and more comprehensive risk management tools available for global investors, we believe that the depth and breadth of global investors’ participation in China’s capital market will continue to increase.

“Global investors will benefit from the increasingly open Chinese market through diversified allocation of Chinese assets. Standard Chartered will continue playing the role to connect China and overseas markets, and to contribute to the opening and high-standard development of China’s capital market.”

In February 2022, Standard Chartered Group said it would invest USD$300 million in its China-related operations over a three-year period, to double their relevant profit contribution by the end of 2024.