Android Phones Support Digital Renminbi Transactions Even While Completely Out of Power


China’s central bank digital currency (CBDC) has just seen the launch of a new payments function which permits the completion of transactions using smartphones whose batteries are flat.

According to a report from National Business Daily, the payments options for digital renminbi apps on some Android phones now include an option for “Internet-free power-free payments” (无网无电支付).

The “power-free” aspect of the payments option refers to the ability of smartphones to now complete digital renminbi transactions even while their power is switched off, simply by tapping against other smart devices. This means the smart phones can be used for digital renminbi payments even when their batteries areout of power.

Jin Tian (金天), a senior researcher from the Digital Economy Research Institute of the Zhongnan University of Economics and Finance, said that the new function would enable smartphone owners to use the devices for payments purposes in urgent or emergency situations when their batteries are flat, for purposes such as riding public transportation.

“The Internet-free power-free payments offered by the digital renminbi is a distinctive feature that distinguishes it from other forms of mobile payments,” said Dong Ximiao (董希淼), a researcher from Fudan University.

“It greatly embodies the inclusiveness of the digital renminbi, and can better satisfy the usage needs of users.”