Beijing Unveils New Plan to Transform China into “Quality Superpower”


The Chinese central government has issued a new directive outlining plans to upgrade the quality of the country’s economic output.

The Central Committee of the Communist Party of China (CPC) and the State Council recently issued the “Outline for Establish a Quality Superpower” (质量强国建设纲要).

The “Outline” sets the goal of achieving comprehensive improvements in overall levels of quality in the economy and steadily increasing the influence of Chinese brands by 2025.

Other targets set by the outline including:

  • Significant improvements in the quality and benefits of economic development.
  • Ongoing improvements to the competitiveness of industrial quality.
  • The establishment of a cohort of industry clusters with excellent quality and guidance capability.
  • Marked improvements to the quality of products, projects, and services has been significantly improved.
  • The pass rate of manufactured products reaching 94%.
  • Further progress in the development of brands, and the formation of sizeable cohort of Chinese brands with excellent quality and pronounced advantages.

The Outline also places strong emphasis on innovation and green, low-carbon development initiatives.

“[We must] strengthen the momentum of quality development and innovation, focus on implementing a number of industrial chain supply chain quality research projects, and achieve breakthroughs in a number of key landmark quality technologies and equipment,” the Outline said.

“[We must] establish a green orientation for quality development, accelerate research into key core technologies for low-carbon, zero-carbon and negative carbon development, promote the low-carbon transformation of energy intensive industries, and optimize technical standards for resource recycling to achieve the green and efficient reuse of resources.”