“Chinese-style Modernisation Has Created a New Form of Civilisation” – People’s Daily


The flagship newspaper for the Communist Party of China (CPC) has published an editorial piece claiming that China’s modernization path has resulted in the creation of a new form of socio-economic and civilizational system.

“President Xi Jinping has pointed out that ‘Chinese-style modernization’ is deeply rooted in outstanding traditional Chinese culture, embodies the advanced nature of scientific socialism, learns from and absorbs all the outstanding accomplishments of human civilization, represents the developmental direction of human civilizational progress, and embodies a modernization model that differs from the West,” said the editorial piece entitled “Chinese-Style Modernisation Has Created a New Form of Human Civilisation” (中国式现代化创造了人类文明新形态).

“[This] is a brand-new form of human civilization…Chinese-style modernization has produced a model for the vast number of developing countries to move towards modernization independently and provided them with a new choice.”

The publication of the editorial piece arrives just after President Xi Jinping convened a study session of the CPC Central Committee on the concept of “Chinese-style modernization,” stressing the role of both the leadership role of the CPC as well as the influence of traditional Chinese culture.

“It must be deeply realized that there is neither a single modernization model nor a universal modernization standard for the world,” the editorial piece continues.

“Since the founding of the People’s Republic of China, and especially since reform and opening up, we have completed in decades the industrialization process that developed Western nations took hundreds of years to finish, creating development accomplishments that have drawn worldwide attention, and opening up broad prospects for the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation.

“This fully demonstrates that it is not only the Western system and model that is the path for governing a nation and promoting a nation’s modernization, and that nations can completely follow their own paths.

“In today’s world, although many countries are striving to achieve modernization, there are not many countries that have truly completed modernization in a comprehensive way. Some developing countries have completely copied the Western model irrespective of their own national conditions and historical orientation. As a result, their development process has been extremely difficult.

“In the final analysis, no nation or country in human history can achieve strength and revitalization by depending on external forces, copying foreign models, and following others. The reason why China’s modernization drive has achieved such excellent results today is that our modernization is a socialist modernization led by the Communist Party of China, which not only has the common characteristics of the modernization of all countries, but also has Chinese characteristics based on its own national conditions.

“The reason why Chinese-style modernization has succeeded is because it suits China’s reality, reflects the wishes of the Chinese people, and adapts to the development requirements of the era. It is a modernization path independently explored by our party rooted in the land of China. The successful practice of Chinese-style modernization has set an example for developing countries to move towards modernization independently, and provided a new choice for those countries and nations in the world who want to accelerate development while maintaining their independence.”