State Market Regulator to Maintain Anti-Monopoly Pressure on China’s Internet Giants


China’s market regulator says it will continue to maintain anti-monopoly measures directed at China’s leading Internet platforms.

Gan Lin (甘霖), the deputy director of the State Administration for Market Regulation (SAMR), said that in addition to administrative penalties, the authority would apply a “hierarchy of regulatory measures” to Chinese Internet companies that include interviews and reminders, administrative guidance and rules guidance.

“The regulation of the platform economy’s anti-monopoly measures has always emphasized both standardized supervision and the promotion of development, optimizing the market competition order in the sphere of the platform economy through legal enforcement,” he said.

Gan made the remarks on 13 April at a press conference held by China’s State Council media office.

The remarks arrive as Chinese regulators move to split up Jack Ma’s e-commerce giant Alibaba into a slew of six smaller units.