Ministerial Institutions Directly Under the State Council

Ministerial Institutions Directly Under the State Council (国务院直属事业单位) are institutions authorised by the State Council of the People’s Republic of China to perform certain administrative functions on behalf of the Chinese government.

They are not deemed to be state administrative offices (国家行政机关)

The “State Council Provisions Concerning State Administrative Offices and Enterprise and Public Institution Social Group Seal Regulation” (国务院关于国家行政机关和企业事业单位社会团印章管理的规定) distinguishes between the two by stipulating that “the seal for the those entities that possess administrative functions as recognised by the Central Institutional Organization Commission is the central government national emblem, while those that do not possess administrative functions is the central government’s five point star.”

Ministerial Institutions Directly under the State Council include some of China’s leading media and research organisations, as well as the three top financial regulatory bodies.

  1. The Xinhua News Agency.
  2. The Chinese Academy of Sciences.
  3. The Chinese Academy of Social Sciences.
  4. The Chinese Academy of Engineering
  5. The Development Research Centre of the State Council
  6. The National School of Administration
  7. The China Banking Regulatory Commission.
  8. The China Securities Regulatory Commission.
  9. The China Insurance Regulatory Commission.
  10. The National Council for Social Security Fund.
  11. The National Natural Science Foundation.