Thursday, April 22, 2021
Tags Beijing blockchain

Tag: Beijing blockchain

Beijing Releases 2020 – 2022 Blockchain Development Plan in Search of “Commanding Heights” of Industry

Beijing has released a new industry development plan to drive the growth of the regional fintech sector.

Beijing’s Finance Department Launches Trials of Blockchain-driven Electronic Bills

The financial authority for Beijing municipality has just launched trials of blockchain-based electronic bills.

Beijing Issues Its First Blockchain-driven Electronic Invoices, All Car Parks Integrated into E-Fapiao System

The Chinese capital has just issued its first blockchain-based electronic fapiao (invoice). The Beijing...

China and US Lead Global Blockchain Financing Deals in First Half of 2019

Beijing, Guangdong province and Shanghai have emerged as the leading centres for financing of blockchain projects in China.

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Chinese Central Bank Calls for Renminbi Internationalisation to Become National Strategy, Says Time Is Right for Capital Account Liberalisation

A senior official from the Chinese central bank has called for greater prioritisation of efforts to internationalise the usage of the renminbi,...

Chinese Central Bank Will Help Strengthen Green Financing Initiatives Abroad: Yi Gang

The head of the Chinese central bank has flagged plans to strengthen green financing for projects and partnerships in relation to the...

Zhou Xiaochuan Says Development of Central Bank Digital Currency Will Not Lead to Creation of Unified Global Money

The former head of the Chinese central bank has highlighted the challenges faced by efforts to achieve cross-border usage of central bank...

Citigroup Plans Expansion into China’s Securities and Futures Sectors

US banking giant Citigroup hopes to expand its footprint in the Chinese financial sector via the acquisition of licenses for a range...