Tuesday, October 20, 2020
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Tag: Chinese AI

China is the World’s Biggest Source of Top-tier Artificial Intelligence Researchers

China has emerged as the world's leading source of top-flight artificial intelligence research talent (AI) according to a new report from Macro...

China Spurs Growth of Artificial Intelligence Sector

Regional authorities around China have launched plans to foster the development of their artificial intelligence industries. Chongqing, Guangdong, Tianjin, Liaoning, Heilongjiang, Fujian, Sichuan and Anhui...

China to Build USD$2.1 Billion Artificial Intelligence Research Park in Beijing

China plans to build a 13.8 billion yuan (USD$2.1 billion) research facility dedicated to artificial intelligence in the Mentougou district of western Beijing. The state-owned...

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Regulators Driving Remote Account Opening – What Banks Need to Know

By Stanley Yu, Director, Hong Kong, Fenergo COVID-19 has radically transformed the financial services industry across APAC. With forced...

Chinese Commercial Banks Could Soon Determine Interest Rates Independently

Proposed changes to China's commercial banking law will allow lenders to independently determine the rates for deposits and loans.

China to Further Lift Macro-Leverage Ratio Following 21 Percentage Point Rise During COVID-19 Lockdowns

Discussion about China's macro-leverage levels has risen to the fore as policymakers weigh means for expediting the country's economic recovery in the...

Chinese Central Bank Overhauls Commercial Banking Law

The People's Bank of China (PBOC) has unveiled a broad raft of proposed changes to China's commercial banking law.