Sunday, April 11, 2021
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Tag: Chinese bank deposits

Chinese Banks See Outflows of Household Deposits in April as Consumption and Housing Demand Recovers

Official data from the Chinese central bank points to a sizeable contraction in household deposits in the month of April, with analysts...

Structured Deposits of Chinese Banks Surge 1.19 Trillion Yuan in January, PBOC Concerned over Guaranteed Yields

Official data points to a surge in the structured deposits of Chinese banks in the first month of 2020.

45% of Chinese Depositors Want to Save More: PBOC

A new report from the Chinese central bank indicates that nearly half of depositors surveyed want to increase their savings.

Beijing Steps up Scrutiny of Deposit Levels and Canvassing by Chinese Banks

China's top financial authorities have issued a new circular that seeks to tackle the use of "illicit means" by banks to falsely inflate their...

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Digital Renminbi Makes Its Debut on Renmin University Campus

Ongoing trials of China's Digital Renminbi have brought the central bank digital currency to one of the country's most prestigious tertiary institutions....

China’s Services Exports Surge over 20% since Start of 2021, Imports Plunge by More Than 18%

China has seen a sharp rise in its exports of services since the start of 2021, in tandem with a plunge in...

Liquidity to Come Under Modest Pressure in April Following Funds Contraction of 30 Billion Yuan in March

Liquidity in the Chinese finance system is expected to come under modest pressure in the month of April as a result of...

China Co-chairs G20 Sustainable Finance Study Group with United States

China will play a leading role in efforts by the G20 to develop solutions for the challenges faced by the global sustainable...