Thursday, October 22, 2020
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Tag: Chinese bond market

China Sees Issuance of 6 Trillion Yuan in Bonds in August

The latest data from the Chinese central bank indicates that China saw the issuance of nearly 6 trillion yuan (approx. USD$884.15 billion)....

PBOC Seeks to Drive Participation of Foreign Institutional Investors in Chinese Bond Market

The Chinese central bank has led the issuance of new draft regulations on investment by foreign institutional investors in China's bond market....

Beijing Unveils Measures for Further Opening of Chinese Bond Market

China's top financial regulators have flagged further measures to open up the domestic bond market.

China to Integrate Interbank and Exchange Bond Markets

Beijing has unveiled plans to unify China's interbank bond market and exchange bond market.

China’s Bond Market Currently World’s Second Largest at USD$15.28 Trillion: PBOC

The latest data from China's central bank indicates that country's bond market is currently the world's second largest.

Local Government Bond Issuance Hits Record High of 1.3 Trillion Yuan in the Month of May

China's local governments issued a record high volume of bonds in the month of May, amidst ongoing efforts by regulators to keep...

Over 270 Billion Yuan in Micro-and-Small Enterprise Bonds Issued in 2020, Application Requirements Expected to Be Reduced

China is expected to step up issuance of micro-and-small enterprise financing bonds as part of broader ambitions to improve financial inclusion.

China Sees Issuance of $680 Billion in Bonds in April, 42.23% Rise in Interbank Money Market Transactions

The latest raft of official data points to a sharp year-on-year rise in China's interbank money market transactions in April, alongside copious...

China Issues 4.36T Yuan in Local Government Bonds in 2019, Issuance Expected to Accelerate and Expand in 2020

Domestic analysts expect China to accelerate and expand the issuance of local government bonds in 2020 given an uptick in the advanced...

Over 2100 Foreign Institutional Investors on China’s Interbank Bond Market

Official data indicates that over 2110 foreign institutional investors have made their way onto China's interbank bond market.

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Chinese P2P lending has been all-but squeezed out of existence by regulators in response to widespread issues with fraud in the once-flourishing...

CSRC Says Blockchain Used in Regtech Pilot Schemes for China’s Regional Equity Markets

A senior official from the China Securities Regulatory Commission (CSRC) has highlighted the application of blockchain technology to regulatory trials in the...

China’s Top Finance Regulators Send Raft of Policy Signals at 2020 Financial Street Forum

Senior officials from the People's Bank of China (PBOC), the China Banking and Insurance Regulatory Commission (CBIRC) and the China Securities Regulatory...

PBOC to Issue New Rules on Assessment of Systemically Important Banks

A senior official has flagged the imminent launch by the Chinese central bank (the People's Bank of China) of new rules governing...