Sunday, November 29, 2020
Tags Chinese cloud computing.

Tag: Chinese cloud computing.

Tencent and UnionPay Team up on China’s Biggest Financial Cloud Project

Tech giant Tencent and leading Chinese payments platform China UnionPay are working together on the launch of an ambition cloud finance project....

Xi Jinping Calls for Incorporation of Blockchain, Cloud Technology and IoT into Social Regulation and Coronavirus Containment

President Xi Jinping has called for the greater use of technology for social regulation purposes as well as efforts to combat the...

80% of Chinese Banks Will Employ Cloud-based Fintech Solutions by 2024: IDC Report

A new report anticipates widespread adoption of cloud-based fintech solutions over the next several decades.

Alibaba and Tencent Vie for Domination of China’s Cloud Computing Market

Domestic analysts expect the cloud computing market to be a key driver of future growth for Chinese tech giants Alibaba and Tencent....

ICBC Flags Greater Fintech Cooperation with Tencent, Focus on Big Data, Cloud Computing, AI

The world's biggest bank is touting plans to expand cooperation with Chinese tech giant Tencent on the development of innovative fintech applications....

Industrial Bank Launches Financial Services Cloud Platform in Fujian Province

A leading commercial bank in China has helped launch a new fintech platform in the south-eastern province of Fujian as part of...

Alibaba to Cooperate with Chinese IT Veteran Aisino on Blockchain, Cloud Computing

Internet giant Alibaba plans to cooperate with a leading Chinese IT company on the development of fintech-related technologies.

Tencent Launches New Cloud and Smart Industry Group

Chinese tech giant Tencent has signalled a major shift in its strategic direction with the launch of a new cloud and smart industry unit. Tencent...

Tencent Discusses Cloud Partnership with Google

Online titan Tencent has entered talks with US search giant Google on the provision of cloud services in China according to sources speaking to...

China Everbright Establishes New Cloud Payments Company

State-owned conglomerate China Everbright has launched a new fintech company which focuses on facilitating the payment of fees by means of the cloud. China Everbright...

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Bank of Chengdu Launches New “Cloud Converted” Data Centre, Provides AI Customer Service in Sichuanese Dialect

Sichuanese province lender Bank of Chengdu has announced the launch of a new "cloud converted" data centre."

Bank of Communications Completes First Offshore Issuance of Perpetual Bond by a Chinese Bank

Big state-owned lender Bank of Communications (BOCOM) has become the first Chinese bank to issue perpetual bonds offshore.

Liu He Sheds Light on China’s Dual Circulation Development Strategy

One of China's senior-most economic policymakers has written an essay for the People's Daily that sheds light on the goals and priorities...

International Forecasters Upbeat on Chinese GDP Growth in 2020, 2021

Leading international forecasters anticipate comparatively robust growth for the Chinese economy in 2020 amidst the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic.