Tuesday, January 19, 2021
Tags Chinese financial institutions

Tag: Chinese financial institutions

China Frees up Overseas Lending for Domestic Enterprises, Targets Core Technologies Abroad

The Chinese central government hopes to facilitate overseas expansion by domestic enterprises by freeing up offshore lending.

Assets of Financial Sector Institutions in China Total $45.12 Trillion at end of 2019

China's financial sector assets have seen a six trillion yuan increase over the past quarter alone.

MOF Flags “Rational” Adjustments to State-Ownership of Chinese Financial Institutions

China's central government has flagged shifts to levels of state-ownership of the country's financial institutions.

Traditional Financial Institutions Will Transform into Software and Data-driven Companies: Ant Financial

Ant Financial expects economic digitisation and the expanding application of fintech to have a profound impact on the way traditional financial institutions...

Beijing Financial Street Host to over 1800 Institutions, 102 Trillion Yuan in Assets

The Beijing municipal government has unveiled new data on the scale of the city's long-standing financial hub.

A-share Banks on Track to Hit 32 in Total as 11 Chinese Lenders Await Listing

The number of listed A-share banks in China is track to rise to 32 in total, with another 11 domestic lenders in...

PBOC Debuts Risk Ratings of Chinese Financial Institutions

The Chinese central bank has publicly released its risk ratings of Chinese financial institution for the first time ever. On 2 November the People's Bank...

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Chinese Central Bank Hails Eradication of P2P Lending, “Orderly Disposal” of High-risk Financial Institutions

The People's Bank of China (PBOC) has highlighted the removal of all of the country's P2P lending platforms in 2020 as part...

NDRC Flags Active Fiscal Policy, Increased Spending on New Infrastructure in 2021

China's chief planning authority has outlined a raft of its policy intentions for 2021, as the national economy continues to recover from...

China’s GDP Breaches 100 Trillion Yuan Threshold after Posting 2.3% Growth in 2020, Disposable Income up 4.7%

Official data points to growth of over 2% in Chinese GDP in 2020 despite the adverse economic impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic....

China Bans Banks from Selling Depository Products via Third Party Online Platforms

Beijing has issued a new directive which further steps up pressure on the sale of depository products via online fintech platforms, after...