Wednesday, January 27, 2021
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Tag: Chinese fintech investment

China’s Banking and Insurance Sectors Made IT Investments of USD$29 Billion in 2019

China's banking and insurance sectors significantly beefed up their IT resource investments in 2019, amidst a push from regulators for improvements to...

India Ousts China as Top Fintech Funding Nation in First Quarter of 2020

India replaced China as the country with the largest amount of fintech funding in the first quarter of 2020, as the latter's...

China Everbright Bank Invests 500 Million Yuan in Fintech Innovation Incubator

Leading joint-stock lender China Everbright Bank has unveiled plans to step up investments in fintech innovations.

Chinese Fintech Investment Plunges 83% in 2019, Drives Global Decline

A new report from Accenture points to a precipitous decline in Chinese fintech investment in 2019.

Chinese Fintech Funding Sees 7-Fold Contraction in 2019: IBS Intelligence

Chinese fintech funding activity saw a sharp plunge in 2019, after posting a global lead the year previously.

Chinese Blockchain Investment Drops 40.8% in 2019: Rhino Data, Xinhua Finance Report

A new report co-produced by China's state-owned media agency points to sharp declines in blockchain investment and financing deals in 2019.

China Sees 29 Fintech Deals Worth 7.59 Billion Yuan in May

China saw fintech deals worth approximately 7.59 billion yuan in the month of May, nearly twice the value of deal in the...

Chinese Fintech Investment Plunges 89% in First Quarter of 2019

Investment in China's fintech sector has seen a precipitous drop since the start of 2019 according to a new report.

Fintech Investment by Ping An Bank and China Merchants Bank Surges in 2018

The latest round of financial reports from China's listed banks points to a surge in fintech-related investment.

Annual Fintech Investment of Chinese Banks Approaches 100 Billion Yuan, Big State-owned Lenders Account for 60%

A new report from the peak body for the Chinese banking sector points to a sharp rise in fintech investment by commercial...

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Chengdu to Issue 50M Yuan in Digital Renminbi via Record-sized Lottery

The Sichuan province capital of Chengdu is the latest Chinese city to stage trials for the issuance of the digital renminbi via...

Automaker Geely Establishes Fintech Investment Vehicle

Privately held automaker Zhejiang Geely Holding Group (浙江吉利控股集团有限公司) is seeking to expand its presence in the fintech sector with the launch of...

China Authorises 530,000 Patents in 2020, Patent Pledge Financing Rises over 43% YoY

The China National Intellectual Property Administration (CNIPA) says it approved 530,000 patents in 2020, bringing the total number of domestic patents in...

Shanghai Pudong Development Bank Opens Fintech Research Facility in Singapore to Focus on Blockchain, AI and API Development

Municipal lender Shanghai Pudong Development Bank (SPD Bank) has become the first joint-stock bank in China to establish an innovation centre...