Saturday, October 31, 2020
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Tag: Chinese infrastructure

Guangzhou Launches Three Year Plan for New Infrastructure Development, Outlines USD$37.14 Billion in Initial Investment

The Guangdong province capital of Guangzhou has launched a new "project library" for undertakings that are part of China's new infrastructure development...

Nine Chinese Provinces Outline Total Investment of 24 Trillion Yuan in 2020, Yunnan’s Outlay Equal to Twice its GDP

Just Nine of China's provinces have unveiled plans for investment in major infrastructure projects worth at least 24 trillion yuan (approx. USD$3.45...

China Issues One Trillion Yuan in 2020 Special Bond Quotas in Advance, Highlights Infrastructure Investment Ambitions

The Chinese central government has launched new policy initiatives with the hope of "stabilising investment levels," with an especial focus on domestic...

Beijing to Invest 36.1 Billion in Rural Power Network Upgrades

The Chinese central government plans to invest heavily in upgrades to rural power networks in 2019.

Infrastructure Development Will Increase to Deal with Easing Economy: China’s Finance Minister

China's finance minister has flagged continued growth in infrastructure development in order to help deal with the country's slowing economic growth.

New Investment Intention Amount for Real Estate Sector Sees Near 40% Rise for January-August

China has seen a huge leap in the new investment intention amount of its real estate sector according to the latest official data. Data from...

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Anhui Province Undertakes Trial Scheme for SME Emergency Loans to Enteprises Affected by COVID-19 and Flooding

The inland Chinese province of Anhui has announced the start of a trial scheme for the provision of emergency loans to local...

ByteDance Establishes Artificial Intelligence Subsidiary in Fujian Province

ByteDance, the company behind social media giant TikTok, has just established a tech subsidiary in Fujian province whose business scope includes artificial...

Alibaba Unveils Plan for Greater Digitisation of Cross-border Trade

Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba has unveiled an ambitious new plans to support the use of e-commerce by small businesses.

Lending to Private Enterprise Increases 5.4 Trillion Yuan During Jan – Sep Period: CBIRC

The latest data from the China Banking and Insurance Regulatory Commission (CBIRC) points to a sizeable increase in lending to private enterprises...