Friday, October 23, 2020
Tags Chinese insurtech

Tag: Chinese insurtech

HSBC’s Insurance Subsidiary Establishes Fintech Vehicle in Shanghai

The wholly invested insurance subsidiary of British investment bank HSBC has launched a new fintech company in the Chinese financial hub of...

China Pacific Insurance to Invest 700 Million Yuan in Launch of Fintech Subsidiary

Insurance giant China Pacific Insurance has unveiled plans to establish its own fintech subsidiary.

ZhongAn Online Hopes to Raise $600M via First Public Issue of Notes Offshore

Chinese insurtech giant ZhongAn Online P&C Insurance Co., Ltd. hopes to raise USD$600 million via its first public issue of notes offshore....

ZhongAn Online Grabs Virtual Insurance License in Hong Kong

ZA, the Hong Kong virtual bank of Chinese insurtech ZhongAn Online, has obtained a virtual insurance license from local authorities.

80% of Chinese Banks Will Employ Cloud-based Fintech Solutions by 2024: IDC Report

A new report anticipates widespread adoption of cloud-based fintech solutions over the next several decades.

Ant Financial’s Xiang Hu Bao Uses Blockchain to Expedite Claims Payments During Coronavirus Outbreak

An Ant Financial healthcare platform is using blockchain technology to expedite handling of claims during the outbreak of the novel coronavirus in...

China Life Tipped to Launch First Internet-based Life Insurance Company

China's biggest life insurer is expected to launch a new online life insurance company according to domestic media reports.

Insurtech Player ZhongAn Online Shuffles Execs as Losses Expand

An insurtech company backed by some of China's leading tech giants has switched around some of its senior-most executives following mounting losses....

China Telecom to Acquire Over 40% Stake in ZhongAn Online’s Microloan Vehicle

One of China's telecommunications giants is acquiring an over 40% stake in a microloan company launched by the fintech vehicle of leading...

PPDai Invests in Chinese Insurtech Start-up Leapstack

Chinese insurtech start-up Leapstack (上海栈略数据技术有限公司) has just announced the completion of a series B financing round.

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Fintech Giant Lufax Pursues USD$2.36 Billion Stateside IPO

Chinese fintech giant Lufax has revealed more details on its plans to pursue an initial public offering (IPO) in the US despite...

China to Increase Qualified Domestic Institutional Investor Quota by around USD$10 Billion

China's forex administration has announced a further increase to the foreign investment quota for qualified domestic institutional investors (QDII).

Zhou Xiaochuan Weighs in on Internationalisation of the Renminbi at 2020 Financial Street Forum

Zhou Xiaochuan, the former head of the Chinese central bank, has voiced his opinions on the near-term prospects for the internationalisation of...

PBOC Launches Fintech Research Centre, Calls for “Comprehensive Increase” in China’s Fintech Competitiveness and Influence

A senior official from the People's Bank of China (PBOC) has called for the country to further drive efforts for the development...