Thursday, January 28, 2021
Tags Chinese NPL's

Tag: Chinese NPL's

China Commences Trials for Bulk Transfer of Personal Non-performing Loans to Asset Management Companies

The China Banking and Insurance Regulatory Commission (CBIRC) has launched trials to accelerate the disposal of personal non-performing loans (NPL's).

Chinese Banks Expand Bad Debt Write Offs by 96.3 Billion Yuan in Jan-Aug Period

Official data points to a sizeable expansion in efforts by Chinese banks to write-off their dud debt in 2020, as the COVID-19...

China’s Banking Regulator Forecasts $331B Surge in Disposal of Non-performing Loans in 2020

China's banking regulator forecasts a considerable rise in the disposal of non-performing loans (NPL) in 2020, due to the economic impacts of...

Bad Debt of Chinese Banks Hit 2.41 Trillion Yuan at End of Q4 2019, Holds Steady with Q3

China's top banking authority has just released its latest raft of data the performance of the Chinese banking system.

Non-performing Loans Hit Decade Long High Following Launch of Stricter Definitions

The latest data on China's banking sector points to a sharp surge in non-performing loans in certain parts of the country in...

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China Issued USD$8.87 Trillion in Bonds in 2020 for YoY rise of over 26%: PBOC

The latest data from the Chinese central bank points to a marked rise in bond issuance in 2020 amidst the peak of...

Beijing, Guangdong, Shanghai All Stress Digital Renminbi, Financial Opening in 2021 Government Work Reports

Several of China's biggest regional economies have outlined plans to accelerate digital renminbi trials and financial opening measures in their government work...

ByteDance’s Douyin to Serve as China Central Television’s Spring Festival Broadcast Partner for 2nd Year Running

TikTok's Chinese counterpart Douyin will be the official partner for the Spring Festival gala show that will be screened by China's state-owned...

China UnionPay Establishes Commanding Presence in South-east Asia’s Digital Payments Market

Payments giant China UnionPay is making bold forays into the digital payment sectors of multiple countries throughout South-east Asia.