Monday, October 26, 2020
Tags Chinese online payments

Tag: Chinese online payments

Coronavirus Drives 46.79% Rise in China UnionPay’s Online Payments during Chinese New Year

The novel coronavirus is driving a sharp rise in online payments transactions as fear and containment measures keep many Chinese consumers at...

NetsUnion Posts over 11% Rise in Online Payments Transactions During 2020 Chinese New Year

China's centralised platform for the processing of online transactions has reported a sharp YoY rise in transaction numbers during the 2020 Chinese...

Shanghai’s iPS Ordered to Suspend Online Payments Operations after Incurring Record High Fine

One of China's longest-running payments companies has been ordered by regulators to suspend its online payments operations.

Online Payments Users in China Reach 633 Million, Account for 74.1% of All Netizens

A new report indicate that almost three quarters of Chinese internet users make use of online payments.

Mobile Payments in China See 59.03% YoY Growth in Second Quarter: PBOC Report

A new report from the Chinese central bank points to a surge in mobile payments in the second quarter of 2019.

China’s Non-bank Online Payment Operations Rise 85.05% YoY in 2018

A new report on the development of China's internet sector highlights surging growth in non-bank payments operations.

Third Party Payments Licenses in China See Prices Contract Almost 60%

Prices for third party payments license in China have seen a precipitous decline since Beijing's launch of a crackdown on internet payments....

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Industrial IoT Financing the Next “Blue Ocean” for Chinese Fintech: Huang Qifan

The former mayor of Chongqing municipality Huang Qifan (黄奇帆) expects Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) financing to be the next major area...

Legal Changes Expand Power of Chinese Central Bank, Confer Official Recognition to Digital Renminbi

Proposed amendments to the law governing the Chinese central bank are expected to confer it with greater sway and authority within China's...

Jack Ma Calls for Replacing “Pawnshop Mentality” of Traditional Banks with Big Data-based Credit System

Alibaba-founder Jack Ma has decried the collateral focus of traditional banks in the Chinese financial system, calling instead for the use of...

Digital Lender XWBank Sees Q3 Profits Rise 32%

Sichuan-based direct lender XWBank has seen a sharp on-quarter rise in its profits in the third quarter of 2020, as China makes...