Thursday, March 4, 2021
Tags Chinese P2P lending

Tag: Chinese P2P lending

Over 45 P2P Lending Platforms in China Forced to Withdraw, 71% Since Start of 2019

China's P2P lending platforms have seen a surge in closures since the start of 2019 as local regulators step up their pressure...

Chinese Internet Finance Authority Pledges to “Vigorously” Combat Online Loan Risk

China's leading authority for internet financial risk has signalled heightened measures to deal with risk in relation to online P2P lending.

Chinese P2P Lender Dianrong Blames Heavy, Unclear Regulation for Ailing Performance

One of China's leading P2P lenders has blamed lack of regulatory clarity from the central government for its poor performance.

Over 380 Online Lending Platforms under Investigation by Chinese Authorities, 62 Suspects Extradited

Chinese authorities have placed over 380 online lending platforms under investigation for criminal financial activities.

Returns on P2P Loans Set to Weaken as Chinese Regulators Step up Pressure

Average returns on peer-to-peer loans in China are expected to remain weak as Beijing continues to crack down on internet lending.

Beijing Steps up Pressure on Chinese P2P Lenders with Call for “Targeted Bomb Disposal”

The Chinese central government has flagged greater pressure on the P2P lending sector with a call for "targeted bomb disposal", as analysts...

P2P Platforms in Regular Operation Continue to Fall to Record Lows

The number of regularly operating peer-to-peer (P2P) lending platforms in China has continued to tumble to record lows at the end of 2018 amidst...

China’s P2P Indices Drop for First Time in History, Only 300 Platforms to Weather 2019

A slew of key indices for China's P2P lending sector have posted their first decline since the inception of the industry over a decade...

P2P Crackdown Could Cull 70% of China’s Online Lending Platforms, Spare Just 300 in 2019

China's ongoing crackdown on risk in relation to internet finance could lead to a plunge in the number of active P2P lending platforms in...

China’s P2P Lending Sector Sees First Ever Drop in Transaction Volumes in 2018

A new report on China's internet finance sector points to a sharp decline in P2P loan transaction volumes as well as platforms following official...

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China’s Banking Regulator Highlights Success of Risk Containment Efforts in 2020, Focal Points for Policy in 2021

The head of China's banking regulatory has touted the progress of effort to contain risk in the Chinese financial system, while also...

Shenzhen Launches China’s First Personal Bankruptcy System

The southern Chinese tech hub of Shenzhen has just launched China's first system for the application and processing of personal bankruptcies.

Alibaba and Baidu Win Tender for China’s Online Payments Processing Cloud Platform

Tech giants Alibaba Cloudand Baidu have won the tender for a project involving the cloud platform used to drive China's centralised...