Tuesday, October 20, 2020
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Tag: Chinese PMI

China’s March PMI Rises to 51.5

The latest figures from China's National Bureau of Statistics indicate that the country posted a Purchasing Managers' Index reading of 51.5 for the month...

February PMI Slides to 50.3 Due to Chinese New Year Vacation

China's official purchasing managers' index reading for February is 50.3, for a 1.0 point decline compared to the preceding month. Out of the 13 PMI...

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Chinese Central Bank Overhauls Commercial Banking Law

The People's Bank of China (PBOC) has unveiled a broad raft of proposed changes to China's commercial banking law.

Ant Group Raises Target Valuation to USD$280 Billion

Chinese fintech giant Ant Group plans to raise the target value for its IPO to USD$280 billion according to sources.

Postal Savings Bank of China Enters Comprehensive Strategic Cooperative Agreement with JD.com’s Fintech Subsidiary

One of China's big six state-owned banks has entered a strategic cooperative agreement with the fintech subsidiary of a leading Chinese e-commerce...

Foreign Companies Will Not Flee China Despite Impacts of COVID-19 on Global Economy: Deputy IMF Director Zhu Min

One of China's leading economists says that the COVID-19 pandemic and its related impacts will not compel foreign companies to withdraw from...