Sunday, April 11, 2021
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Tag: Chinese tech

China’s Biggest Bank Enters Strategic Partnership with Ministry of Science to Drive Tech Financing

China and the world's biggest bank in terms of assets has just entered a strategic partnership with the Chinese science authority to...

Huawei Tops List of China’s Leading Companies for Patent Applications in 2020, Ranks ahead of Alibaba, Tencent

Telecommunications giant Huawei has topped a new list of China's leading companies when it comes to patent applications.

China’s Greater Bay Area Hopes to Attract More “Tech Immigrants,” Allow Foreign Citizens to Found Tech Enterprises

The Guangdong province capital of Guangzhou has flagged the launch of trials to attract more foreign talent to its tech sector.

DiDi Chuxing Trials Payments on Credit, Analysts Predict Further Expansion of its Financial Services

Chinese ride sharing platform DiDi Chuxing has launched trials for the acceptance of payments on credit, in a move that some analysts... Launches JD Explore Academy to Recruit Top Flight International AI, Quantum Computing and Data Sciences Talent

Chinese e-commerce giant has announced the launch of a new research institute that will be open to the recruitment of international...

Alibaba, Tencent and Meituan Top List of China’s 100 Leading Internet Enterprises

Alibaba has topped a new list of China's top 100 companies in terms of Internet reach and capability.

Chinese Central Bank Calls for Greater Policy Guidance for Tech Sector Financing

The People's Bank of China (PBOC) has just released a working paper calling for the Chinese government to exercise greater policy guidance...

China Launches 11 New Bases for Development of Hi-tech Sector, Beijing Designated as AI Centre

The Chinese central government has announced the launch of nearly a dozen new hubs around the country for the development of hi-tech...

Alibaba Launches Rhino Smart Manufacturing Platform, Opens Cloud-driven Digital Factory in Hangzhou

Chinese tech giant Alibaba has just launched a new smart manufacturing platform that incorporate a swathe of advanced technologies including cloud computing,...

Beijing Officially Unveils Artificial Intelligence Industry Alliance in Zhongguancun

China has just seen the launch of a new artificial intelligence industry association in Beijing's hi-tech hub of Zhongguancun.

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Digital Renminbi Makes Its Debut on Renmin University Campus

Ongoing trials of China's Digital Renminbi have brought the central bank digital currency to one of the country's most prestigious tertiary institutions....

China’s Services Exports Surge over 20% since Start of 2021, Imports Plunge by More Than 18%

China has seen a sharp rise in its exports of services since the start of 2021, in tandem with a plunge in...

Liquidity to Come Under Modest Pressure in April Following Funds Contraction of 30 Billion Yuan in March

Liquidity in the Chinese finance system is expected to come under modest pressure in the month of April as a result of...

China Co-chairs G20 Sustainable Finance Study Group with United States

China will play a leading role in efforts by the G20 to develop solutions for the challenges faced by the global sustainable...