Sunday, January 24, 2021
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Tag: Coronavirus vaccine

Coronavirus Vaccine Trial in Wuhan Has Proven Successful According to Peer-Reviewed Lancet Report

A peer-reviewed report points to the success of initial trials on humans test subjects in Wuhan of a Novel Coronavirus vaccine.

Xi Jinping Commits to USD$2 Billion in COVID-19 Aid over Two Years, Creation of “Humanitarian Crisis Response Hub” in China

Chinese president Xi Jinping has unveiled an ambitious raft of measures to help deal with the global impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic....

China Sheds Light on Selection Process for COVID-19 Vaccine Volunteers, Says Product Could be Ready by September

Details have emerged on the selection criteria and process for the first group of volunteers for a COVID-19 vaccine developed in China....

First Group of COVID-19 Vaccine Test Subjects Return Home in Wuhan

The first group of human test subjects for a new COVID-19 vaccine developed by the Chinese military have returned home following the...

108 Volunteers Sign up for Stage 1 COVID-19 Vaccine Trials in Wuhan Held by CanSino Bio-B

Stage 1 clinical testing of a COVID-19 vaccine has officially commenced in the Hubei province capital of Wuhan where the disease first...

COVID-19 Vaccine Testing Commences in Wuhan

Testing of vaccines for COVID-19 has already kicked off in earnest in the city of Wuhan where the coronavirus first broke out....

19 Chinese Drug Companies Working on Novel Coronavirus Vaccine

At least 19 Chinese drugmakers have commenced work on the development of a vaccine for the novel coronavirus.

Coronavirus Vaccines Enter Animal Testing Phase: China’s Science Ministry

China's science authorities have announced the start of animal testing of vaccines for the novel coronavirus.

Sinopharm Working on Coronavirus Vaccine, Officials Say Product Could Hit Market in Several Months

Chinese pharmaceutical giant Sinopharm Group Co., Ltd. says it's working on the development of a vaccine for the novel coronavirus, with domestic...

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Users of Everbright’s Cloud-Driven Utilities Payment Platform Exceeded Half a Billion in 2020

China Everbright Bank has seen users of its cloud-based utilities payments service surge in 2020, as the COVID-19 pandemic drove sharp gains...

China Unlikely to See Real Estate Loan Rates Decline in 2021 as LPR Holds Steady for Ninth Month Straight

Domestic analysts say that Chinese banks are unlikely to significantly reduce rates for real estate loans in 2021, as regulators continue to...

Chinese Central Bank Unveils Anti-Trust Measures Permitting Break up of Third-Party Payments Platforms

The People's Bank of China (PBOC) will have the power to recommend the dismantling of third party payments platforms under new measures...

Pinduoduo Owner Applies for Payments Trademark

A major shareholder in NASDAQ-listed agricommerce platform Pinduoduo has applied with Chinese authorities to register a Pinduoduo-related payments trademark.