Monday, March 1, 2021


China Expands Foreign Investment Channels with $12.716B in New QDII Quotas Since September

China has expanded avenues for domestic players to invest abroad via sizeable increases in the quota for Qualified Domestic Institutional Investors (QDII)...

Qualified Domestic Institutional Investor Funds Post Bumper Performance in 2020

Qualified domestic institutional investor (QDII) funds in China have seen impressive gains in 2020 despite the global economic impacts of the COVID-19...

USD$3.36 Billion QDII Quota Launched to Support Dual Circulation, Financial Opening

The State Administration of Foreign Exchange (SAFE) has approved a new quota for Qualified Domestic Institutional Investors (QDII's) in China in order...

Revival of QDII Quota Growth Expected to Accelerate Chinese Foreign Investment

Domestic observers say that plans to expand quotas for China's Qualified Domestic Institutional Investors (QDII) are part of broader efforts to accelerate Chinese investment...

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Chinese Grain Production Rises 0.9% in 2020 to 669.49 Million Tonnes

Grain production in China edged higher in 2020 despite the adverse economic impact of COVID-19.

Average Disposable Incomes in China Rise 4.7% in 2020 Despite Impact of COVID-19

Official data points to a sizeable rise in disposable incomes in China last year despite the adverse economic impacts of the COVID-19...

ByteDance Shuffles Senior Execs at Toutiao and TikTok

TikTok-owner ByteDance has made adjustments to key executives at the helm of its leading social media and news content platforms.

Bank of China Appointed Liu Jin, Former Head of China Everbright Bank, as President

Bank of China (BOC) has announced the appointment of a veteran of China's state-owned and joint-stock banking sector to the position of...