Wednesday, January 27, 2021
Tags Shenzhen fintech

Tag: Shenzhen fintech

Shenzhen Fintech Sandbox Announces Second Round of Innovation Projects

The southern Chinese city of Shenzhen has announced the second batch of projects for its fintech sandbox.

Shenzhen Steps up Ambitions to Become Global Fintech Hub

The Chinese government has unveiled new plans to cement the status of the southern city of Shenzhen as a leading global fintech...

Shenzhen Fintech Sandbox Unveils First Batch of Trial Application Projects

Chinese authorities have publicly released details on the first set of trial projects for the Shenzhen fintech sandbox.

Shenzhen Government Calls for More Blockchain Research

The Shenzhen municipal government has just called for strengthening of research into the blockchain and other key emerging technologies.

China Launches Certification for Fintech Professionals in Shenzhen

A new form of certification for fintech professionals has been launched in the southern Chinese finance and tech hub of Shenzhen.

Shenzhen’s Financial Regulator is Drafting New Fintech Support Policies

The financial authorities for the southern Chinese tech hub of Shenzhen have flagged the unveiling of further fintech support policies.

Tencent Teams up with Shenzhen Stock Exchange to Launch Joint Fintech Laboratory

One of China's leading online tech giants will cooperate with the Shenzhen Stock Exchange on research into new fintech applications.

Tencent Teams up with Big State-owned Bank to Launch Fintech Lab in Shenzhen

Tech giant Tencent has unveiled plans to launch a new fintech lab with one of China's big six state-owned banks.

Greater Bay Area Plan Anoints Shenzhen as Regional Fintech Capital

China's new policy document for the Greater Bay Area of Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macau highlights the role of Shenzhen as a...

Tsinghua University Launches First Fintech EMBA in Shenzhen

One of China's leading tertiary institutions has created what it's billed as the first fintech EMBA to coincide with the launch of...

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China Authorises 530,000 Patents in 2020, Patent Pledge Financing Rises over 43% YoY

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